Logo Design

Are you making a great first impression?

Your logo is the most direct reflection of the strength and quality of your business.

A great logo can make you look more like Superman… rather than Clark Kent. It should reinforce your brand promise, work well at any size, and stand out in all forms of media, from website to newsprint.

We specialize in lasting logo design

Identity design begins with the process of discovery. We learn what’s unique about your business and what kind of personality is at the heart of your organization. We discover who your audience is, what your challenges are, and how you differ from your toughest competition. We explore your industry and get a sense of the world you live in every day.

From there, we consider your brand touchpoints — those places where your identity will be seen by your audience. Will it live online, be embroidered, sit on a retail shelf, adorn a building? These considerations help determine what design directions we take.

Throughout the creative process, you’ll notice that our proofs are polished, on-target and well-reasoned. We don’t bombard you with rough sketches or endless variations on the same theme. We take great lengths to ensure our ideas are smart, fresh, and tightly executed, from the first proof round to the final delivery of files. And every logo we design comes with a brief but helpful usage guide, and a complete set of standard file formats and variations.

Logo design services may include:

  • Simple wordmarks
  • Comprehensive logo design
  • Modular identity systems
  • Logo freshening
  • Logo repair
  • Illustration / icon design
  • Font manipulation
  • Color palette development

Want to know more?

Contact us. We’ll meet with you to learn more about your business and your goals for developing a successful identity, and provide a detailed estimate and scope of work that fits your project.

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