Search Engine Optimization


Is your website easy to find on the web? Or is it struggling to get noticed?

A sound search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can bring your site out of obscurity and give it the attention it deserves.

We work to get you noticed

Our organic SEO methods help your target audience find your web site on the results page of their search by using generic keywords.

How do we do it? We start by learning about your industry and your audience to understand what and how they’re searching for your offerings. We review your analytics, compare your content and coding against best practices, and create an assessment of your SEO needs. From there, we start on your most immediate needs and develop a strategy for ongoing optimization.

Ideally, SEO is an ongoing component of your marketing plan, as it requires regular maintenance and skill to be as effective as possible. We can provide you with basic training to handle many of these maintenance tasks, and you may also sign up for our Quarterly SEO Updates to ensure thorough optimization that’s based on analytics monitoring and stays on schedule.

How we measure success

Numerous web sites that we’ve built and implemented SEO have earned excellent search engine rankings. Our analytics show that our clients are receiving significantly more hits than before being optimized, and that a greater variety of search terms are reaching them. Many clients report that they’re seeing a solid increase in traffic, and more importantly, they’re capturing more new customers online and their growing their sales accordingly.

SEO services may include:

  • SEO assessments & recommendations
  • Keyword development
  • Content writing & editing
  • Links & tag development
  • Domain name consultation
  • Quarterly SEO updates
  • Blog development
  • Analytics monitoring


Want to know more?

Contact us. We’ll meet with you to learn more about your business and your goals for a successful web site and SEO plan. We’ll provide a detailed estimate and scope of work that fits your project and your checkbook. We pride ourselves on being a budget-friendly alternative to the expensive long-term contracts offered by other firms.