Lake Champlain Chocolates

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Lake Champlain Chocolates chose Stride to freshen up its image without compromising its well-established Vermont identity. We responded with out-of-the-box thinking to infuse this brand with modern, sophisticated appeal. Through catalogs, mailers, email marketing, advertising, and online design, we’ve helped steer the Lake Champlain Chocolates brand toward a prime position in the national chocolate market.

We began our work with a market analysis and assessment of the LCC brand. Using the concept of rural sophistication as a guide, we developed a fresh, contemporary attitude and achieved a new level of casual accessibility, unfussy design and dramatic imagery. We worked closely with the photography team to ensure that new imagery met the goals of the revived brand.

Our deep expertise in both print and web has proven enormously helpful to Lake Champlain Chocolates as they’ve moved through many changes in both media. Our work has received rave reviews by consumers and has helped boost sales over the last several years.

About Lake Champlain Chocolates

Lake Champlain ChocolatesThis premier chocolate company is a true Vermont icon, dedicated to making the finest chocolate truffles and confections using fresh natural ingredients right here in Burlington, Vermont. The New York Times calls it “some of the best chocolate in the country.”

Lake Champlain Chocolates carries an extensive line of premium products, from gourmet hot chocolate to handcrafted bars, chocolate gift baskets, organic truffles, and their popular Chocolate of the Month club. Their chocolates are available at three Vermont retail stores, through mail order, online, and at specialty shops nationwide.

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