Important WordPress website maintenance tips

WordPress is a very reliable platform for building websites, but like any other web technology, it’s important to check your site occasionally to make sure everything is in order. Outdated websites may occasionally fall victim to hackers, suffer penalties from search engines, develop errors, or simply stop working. Often times a few simple steps can keep your WordPress website humming along smoothly.

A quick WordPress checkup should include the following:

Confirm that you are you running the latest version of WordPress
If you’re not, upgrading is easy! Simply log in to your WordPress website with an administrative login, and click the ‘Upgrade WordPress’ banner and follow the instructions. Need help? Call us!

Confirm that your plugins and themes are up-to-date
Plugin and theme updates can also be done easily from your WordPress dashboard, contact us for details.

Check your site for any comment spam
Delete any comments that are in your Spam cue or those waiting for your moderation that appear to be spam. If you’re receiving a large amount of comment spam, activate the Akismet plugin or contact us for help.

Backup your site
Most web hosts offer automatic backups, it’s also a good idea to set up an alternative to your host’s backups with a plugin or manual backup schedule. Need help setting these up? Call us!

Does your site have any dead links?
Check your website statistics to make sure there aren’t any broken or missing links on your site. If there are some, remove the link or relink the content.

Update content on your site
If search engine rankings are important to you, remember to regularly update and add new copy to your site, Google loves to index your fresh, well-written and relevant content.

Reset passwords regularly
Hackers will attempt to login to your website by submitting thousands of username/password combinations in an effort to guess yours. Be sure to use a complex password – password123 doesn’t cut it – and change them regularly. Use a combination of numbers, underscores, and unusual characters to increase security.

If you need help with these, or any other WordPress tasks, contact Stride, we’d be happy to help you keep your site in tip-top shape. Ask us about our maintenance plans.

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